2016 Mass. state youth tournament results

The Massachusetts USBC Youth Association has posted official results from the state tournament, concluded last weekend at AMF Holiday Lanes in Somerset, on their website (link is to front page; individual event results linked on front page). As always, I concentrate on Westgate Lanes’ state champions in the post body, below:

Doubles, 321-360, scratch: Jonathan Gerraughty & Phillip Gottfried 1,148
Singles, 161-180, handicap: Phillip Gottfried 732
Singles, 181+, handicap: Shane Litchfield 747
Singles, 121-140, scratch: Dylan Waldmyer 610
All-Events, 101-120, handicap: Ashley Major 2,157
All-Events, 161-180, handicap: Phillip Gottfried 2,194
All-Events, 121-140, scratch: Dylan Waldmyer 1,640

Congrats to everyone who placed in the tournament, whether mentioned here nor not. 🙂