Live blog: 2016 Brunswick Mixed roll-off

The roll-off between first half winners Lost Empire 2 and second half winners Creeden’s Mustangs is about to get underway. Creeden’s Mustangs will be getting 32 pins a game from Lost Empire 2, and everyone should be here, though one member of Lost Empire 2 seems to be running late. Updates, after each game, as we go along.

Game 1: Lost Empire 2 won the first game 1000-957 (with handicap), with Sammy Wong setting the pace for Lost Empire 2 with a 247 scratch game. Chad Brown had the high first game for Creeden’s Mustangs with a 218.

Game 2The teams tied the second game with 1014 each. Paul Dang had a chance to win the game for Lost Empire 2 with the second strike in the 10th, but rang a 10 pin on the shot and had to settle for a 233. David Chin added a 205 game and Benny Kwong a 202, while Kevin Stiger had a 227 and Ed Godino III a 211 for Creeden’s Mustangs.

Game 3: Lost Empire 2 won the third game 933-890 and the series 2947-2861. Sammy Wong posted a 224 last game and a 664 series, while Paul Dang shot an even 600 series. Kevin Stiger was high on his team in the third game with a 189 and finished with a 598.

Congratulations to Lost Empire 2, and I mentioned every member of the team in the commentary except for Philip Yuen.