2015-16 brackets recap

I’ll start this post by recapping what happened with the brackets I enter on Wednesday night, and, as my results worksheet shows, I had a bad year, losing more than half of my money. Out of the 32 weeks we have brackets, I got money back after only 12 of those, always a recipe for taking a bath in these.

Of course, there are also the brackets I run on Monday night, and, as I told Seany in person, I’ll consider the year in that a success. Nightly commissions might have been down this year, but I was there every night during the Coke league season. Last year, I had to miss two nights, one because I had the flu, and the other the Monday night after the last weekend of state tournament, when my laptop was in the shop. The other thing was that I was able to start a mystery doubles sweeper for the last third, and the bowlers seemed to like that. I’m really hoping for more of the same next season. 🙂