July 25 No-Tap Shootout results (with league note)

With 13 entries in the no-tap tournament last night, Sean Richard won with an 875 score, TomTom Hedding second with an 854, and Danny Khuu third with an 847.

Also, I usually don’t mention 300 games bowled in the no-tap tournament because of the nature of the tournament, but I need to note here that Jewell Wilson managed a natural 300 game in the second game. Good going!

Mike Botelho converts 7-10 split: There may not have been many great scores tonight in the league, but Mike Botelho, who I know from the Coke and Westgate Mixed leagues, did something very notable tonight by converting the 7-10 split. I knew he was shooting the split, but looked up just in time to see the second pin fall. To my memory, it was the first time I had ever seen a 7-10 converted in person. WTG Mikey! 🙂