Dutch Bowling TV, The Bowling Universe added to sidebar

A visitor who has The Bowling Universe online pro shop alerted me to a couple of dead links, and one is actually not dead, but changed: TalkTenpin.net has been partnering with Dutch Bowling TV for their streaming. Dutch Bowling TV is sometimes Dutch language, which was why I’ve been hesitant to add them, but TalkTenpin.net’s webmaster told me that Dutch Bowling TV is always English-language when TalkTenpin.net partners with them. The changed link in the sidebar (under the “Bowling Streaming/Videos” sidebar category) reflects the partnership in the listing. Also, while I was talking to TalkTenpin.net’s webmaster, he told me they’re going to have next week’s Weber Cup on Facebook Live, so you might want to “Like” their Facebook page for notifications.

As for The Bowling Universe, they do have some helpful guides on the site, so I did add their link in the “Other Equipment Sites” pro shop catch-all.