Coverage of NEBA to expand on Facebook

Some of you may have already seen the post on Facebook, but I’ve decided to give NEBA expanded coverage, and will do so in the manner I’ve adopted for the IBMA Facebook group, by sharing what NEBA posts about an event on Facebook, with the winner’s photo as the main post and the final match video, prize list, qualifying scores, and match play results in the comments to that post. You may want to note I’ll usually have the video up first, and the JPEGs of the other material later. While coverage of NEBA will be primarily on the Facebook page (look for the Facebook logo in the sidebar, which is clickable), I’ll still post about NEBA on the website when it’s at Westgate Lanes, and when Westgate bowlers do well in it (usually 1st or 2nd, though I may note 3rd/4th for the NEBA majors, the Cambridge Credit Invitational and the Brunswick Tournament of Champions).