Fall/Winter 2016-17 ramp-up

As far as my status for the coming bowling season goes, I do hope to be in the two leagues I was in last year, but I’ll have to see if I can continue on Sunday night once Monday night gets going, as I’ll be paying for both leagues out of my bracket commissions.

I hope to have my full team back on Wednesday night, but Jeff told me he’s been having issues with his vision this summer, so I’ll have to see whether he can continue. As far as Sunday night goes, Lee and Rachel do have their third bowler this year, so I ended up on a team with Peter Michelson, whom I’d seen on Wednesday night in the past. Our third is still to be determined.

Tonight was the Brunswick Mixed meeting, with their no-tap following. It was on what will be at least close to the season’s house shot, and the return tonight was encouraging, as I had a 629 no-tap series. I did want to try the three balls I had on the premises, and I abandoned the Alpha Crux in practice. The biggest part of the night was switching to my Marvel Pearl in the third game and running up the first seven (including no-tap strikes), with a couple of splits in the 8th & 9th holding the score down to a 245. I want to say Laura Beaudet had a night in the 860s, so she probably won (the women were bowling 8 pin no-tap).

Finally, the fall virtual league starts for the bowlers on Monday (Labor Day), and my yet unnamed team has Bwlnggd, jbungard, steveA, and Stubs. I think I’ve been jbungard’s teammate before, but I believe this is my first time with the others.