2016-17 Westgate house shot

Rob Lawson has released to me the Westgate Lanes house shot for this season, the PDF of which is linked below:

Westgate 2016 House Shot

It is a 45′ pattern at an 8:1 ratio, and, as you can see from the PDF, there is quite a bit of shape to it.

I do hope to get a copy of the shot to the pro shop before Wednesday, but that might depend a lot on the weather.

Update: On a second look at the pattern, I thought it looked familiar, and, checking my post with it, it did look similar to the shot of two years ago, which we’ve affectionately dubbed the “Hakim” shot (because of the 900 series on it). It is the same length, with a little less volume, and with the middle oil ending earlier downlane. The ratio is lower, so we’ll see if this shot plays a bit tougher than two years ago.