2016-17 Week 1 league standings updates

I figured I get the standings for all of my leagues, real and virtual, updated in one shot:

  • Brunswick Mixed: Lane Ducks won three from WTF (We’re The Five). Three teams, Team #14, Right Turn Clyde, and Artie’s Angels won all four points in the first week, and Lane Ducks are tied for 4th with four other teams. We bowl against Team #14 tomorrow night.
  • Sunday Niters: The 3 Stooges won all eight from OSIMAS and are one of three teams that did so, with the other two being Pin Pals and Pinknockers. Pin Pals (Lee & Rachel, with their third, Shawn Syde, who was absent last week) are our opponents Sunday night.
  • Virtual league: 5 Kingpins won five of seven from a yet-unnamed Team 6 and stand in a three-way tie for second with Team 3 and Team 7, with AmExGoGoDub the team that won all seven.