Links to Youth Bowling Scholarships of America et. al added to sidebar

Busy day adding to the sidebar, and I’ll describe more about the other links added below, but no link I added today may be more important than Youth Bowling Scholarships of America, which is lining up sites like Amazon, Walmart, etc. for an affiliate marketing program to provide youth bowlers scholarships. Affiliate marketing will mean, instead of going to your favorite shopping site, you’ll click the link to the site on the YBSA page so that a small commission on everything you buy goes to YBSA, at no additional cost to you. I already support this way, so I hope the YBSA does well. Be sure to check out their Facebook page, as well. The “Bowling Sites” catch-all category is where this link will be found.

The other sites I’ve added are Genesis Bowling, makers of the K-Motion kinesiology tape, which I’ve seen Brian Egan using, and the two best-known makers of bowling ball inserts, Turbo and Vise. Those links will be in the “Other Equipment/Apparel” list.