Oct. 19 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 7 bowling, frame-by-frame (Linked to BowlSK sheet)

I had my best night of the season to date tonight. I really was only in trouble in the 3rd frame of the second game, when I left a washout, but I made the spare, and only missed one spare in each game (but you might point to the 7 being off-spot for that miss). It was my first 600 series in this league since Dec. 3, 2014 (646) and also my highest series since then, as my only 600 series last year was the 612 on Oct. 11, 2015 in the Sunday Niters league.

Result: 194-199-222=615
Average (21 games): 178
Average for last 9 games: 190
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 551

Composite average (39 games): 181

Our opponents all pre-bowled, and they had two good games which we were hard-pressed to top. Team did win the first game.