Oct. 30 JBSC results

Sharon Evans of the Junior Bowling Sport Challenge provided me with the stepladder results of their event yesterday at Westgate Lanes, which I scanned and provide the PDF of here. In the U20 division (combined boys & girls), Tom Hankey Jr. won the final match over Hunter Kempton 215-183, and Randal Dunbar won the U15 (also combined boys & girls) division over Bradley Batbutt 175-154. Stephen Major of Westgate Lanes also finished 4th in U20 and also earned his Junior Gold spot, so his youth bowling career will end in Cleveland, OH next summer. The tournament was contested on the 2016 Junior Gold U20 girls long pattern (which was not announced before the tournament).

As an aside, this was not the only time during the weekend that Tom Hankey Jr. and Hunter Kempton tangled in a title match, as they were both in the title match in the Capital District Youth Scholarship Tour event Saturday at Broadway Lanes in Ft. Edward, NY. It was Hunter winning, and I’ve shared the match video on the Facebook page.