2016-17 Week 9 league standings update

Updating my league standings after Week 9 (with the virtual league result included):

  • Brunswick Mixed: After winning two points from Artie’s Angels, Lane Ducks are tied with them for 4th, two points behind Sweet Rolls, who lead Spare Us and Spear the 10 Pin by a point. Eileen On Me is 3.5 points behind the lead in 6th. Striking Gentlemen will be tomorrow night’s opponents.
  • Sunday Niters: After winning two points from We Found “B”, The 3 Stooges are a point behind that team in 2nd place, with Ten Is Enough eight points behind the lead in 3rd and Here For Beer 10 points behind in 4th. Broads With Balls are Sunday night’s opponents.
  • Virtual league: 5 Kingpins won two points from Ballslingers and are now in last place, 13 points behind the leading Big Guns, who are two points ahead of Team 6, six ahead of AmExGoGoDub, and eight points ahead of Ballslingers and Team 3.

As the “administrivia” for this post, I’ve removed the “Author’s links” sidebar link to my bracket results worksheet, as I doubted I’d get in any this season in my Wednesday night league. The worksheet will be archived on my online storage.