Nov. 26 No-Tap Shootout results

Sean Richard today lived up to his nickname of “$eany Ka$h”, because, as the post above indicates, he not only won today’s no-tap tournament, but hit the 900 series jackpot, worth $800. I forgot to get an entry count, but five were paid, below:

  1. Sean Richard 900
  2. Kevin Thibeault 878
  3. Rob Young 876
  4. Mark Zimmerman 866
  5. Tim Major 867

It should be noted that Seany claimed the 900 jackpot the way you originally had to do it, by bowling the last three natural strikes.

There was also a coincidence of note in the no-tap tournament today. As it turned out, the “C” bowler on lane 48 (the “Hakim” pair) had a 900 no-tap total, with the 300 games bowled by Rich Fulton, Kevin Thibeault, and Tim Major, in that order (as the bowlers moved after each game).