Dec. 10 pro shop note

When Ray took over the pro shop at Westgate, the shop came with a vending machine, which had been used to sell various bowling accessories (thumb tape, Nu-Skin, rosin bags, etc.), and he didn’t think he’d ever use it and gave it back to Junior for his use. Junior already had a vending machine for candy, however, so the machine fell into disuse until Ray had a change of heart and decided to take the machine back. He and Kevin were setting it up today where the bulk of the vending machines are located (near the desk) while the NAT scratch mini-marathon was going on and it is now operational to serve the bowlers’ minor needs while the shop is closed or otherwise busy. I’ve included a photo of it below, which will also be uploaded to the Facebook page:

The pro shop’s “new” vending machine (sorry about the photo quality)

Note: The machine is unable to make change and only accepts bills, so make sure you check the prices of the items you want and get the exact amount.

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