2016-17 mid-season round-up

As usual on New Year’s Eve, I devote a post to the high scores (average, series, and game) for the men and women in Westgate’s leagues up to this point. I note again that high average is based on a minimum of 36 games in the league, and that youth bowlers are included with their gender, where applicable.


Average: 242.6, Tom Hedding (Thursday Night Patriots, 45 games)
Series: 837, Harry Thibeault (Westgate Mixed)
Game: 300, Stan Gibbs (His & Hers), Ed Godino III (Brunswick Mixed), Sean Richard (Westgate Mixed), Dan Robinson, Tom Hedding, Brian Egan, Steve Travers, Rob Young, Jim Ferguson, Tim Woodley, Sean Richard, Chuck Paige, Carl Hanson, Danny Khuu (Thursday Night Patriots), Mike Henrikson (TNBA), Stephen Major, Kyle Egan, Aaron Major (Saturday Seniors), Paris Cook (Boston Rhythm & Bowling), Mike Carter, Hakim Emmanuel (Coke Classic)


Average: 193.0, Debbie Butler (Thursday Handicap Doubles, 45 games)
Series: 682, Laura Beaudet (Brunswick Mixed)
Game: 269, Sheila Barrows-Gibbs (His & Hers), Hollis Solorzano (Brunswick Mixed)

Note: Some of the men bowled 300 games twice in the same league, particularly in the Patriots league.

Those who are interested in a particular league may look for individual standing sheets on Bowler Express and LeagueSecretary.com, which are both linked in the “Local/New England” sidebar list.