2016-17 Week 17 league standings update

Updating just one league, but reminding everyone about my team’s opposition for Sunday night with that league returning from the holiday break:

  • Brunswick Mixed: After winning four points from the dummy, Lane Ducks are in 8th place and will bowl against Has Beens tomorrow night in the position round ending the first half of the league. Sweet Rolls have already clinched the first half, being currently 6.5 points ahead of Creeden’s Mustangs with only four points available to the teams each week.
  • Sunday Niters: As I’ve posted previously, The 3 Stooges start the second half of the season Sunday night vs. Ten Is Enough.
  • Virtual league: I already know my team’s composition for the winter virtual league, which begins next week, but I will wait for next week’s update to formally post it.