2016-17 Week 18 league standings update

As part of this week’s update, I’ll “introduce” my winter virtual league team.

  • Brunswick Mixed: Lane Ducks finished the first half in 9th place, 16 points behind Sweet Rolls, who finished 7.5 points ahead of Creeden’s Mustangs. We start the second half tonight vs. Spare Us.
  • Sunday Niters: As previously mentioned, The 3 Stooges won all eight from Ten Is Enough, and Ball Busterz was the only other team that won all eight to begin the second half. Here For Beer will be the opposition Sunday night.
  • Virtual league: Bwlnggd (a holdover from the fall team), champ, Kwik8, and Mikestormbowler91 are my teammates for the winter virtual league. The team has no name as of yet.