Gino Beniamino, Jon Hester shoot 300s in Coke league

I’d been a regular in-person observer of the Coke league for a while, but something happened last night that hadn’t happened since before that time (note about that to follow): Two 300 games on the same night. The first of the night was bowled by Gino Beniamino in the first game, and, thanks to Shawn Scales, I have video of the last strike (which Shawn originally posted on Snapchat):

Gino told me (and others) that this was actually his first 300 game ever.

It would take until the end of the night for Jon Hester to post the other one, which Zach Thompson got the video of and is shared here:

Hester figures in the note about last night, in that the only other time in my memory there were two 300 games on the same night in the Coke league, Jon’s teammate, Matt Yandek, had both of them as bookends in an 801 series.

Good work guys! 🙂