2017 Brockton city tournament honor score wrap-up

I am taking care of all of the honor scores from the city tournament in this post because they all were bowled yesterday.

The first squad saw a pair of 800 series, one by Sean Richard, who had games of 269, 259, and 278 for an 806, and the other by Brockton Bowling Association Hall of Famer Ryan Yelle, who had 266, 268, and 268 for an 802.

The lone 300 of the tournament was bowled by a bowler who made the trip from greater Boston, John Gravel, during the second squad, and Shawn Hagan’s video of the last strike is below:

Finally, on the same squad as Gravel’s 300, Rob Young had a 299 game.

I will post a link to the unofficial results on the Facebook page when I see them.

Update: Jon Hester told me tonight that he also had a 290 game in his singles event. Also, I forgot to mention that Sam Kamel converted the Big 4 (4-6-7-10) split during the second squad, which was the first time that split had ever been converted while I was in the building.

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