2016 Brockton Holiday Doubles team score follow-up

There was the formality of the Brockton USBC BA filing the paperwork, but, with that done, three team scores from the recent Holiday Doubles tournament now sit on the national leaderboard, the 1,635 series by Brian Gaskill & Steve Dale Jr., which is currently the only qualifying series, and two games, the 577 bowled by Jim Ferguson & Danny Khuu and the 553 bowled by Gaskill & Dale. For Ferguson & Khuu, it is their second consecutive year on the national leaderboard, having bowled the only 600 doubles game in the nation last season in the state tournament in N. Adams. Also, as the high doubles series in the nation last season was a 1,638, there’s every chance Gaskill & Dale hold on for the National High Score award.