2016-17 Week 22 league standings update

The usual league standings update (with the result in the virtual league) after Week 22 of the season:

  • Brunswick Mixed: After forfeiting to 5 Spares, Lane Ducks are now in 6th place, 1.5 points behind Has Beens and Minds in the Gutter, and a half-point behind Eileen On Me, Livin’ on a Spare, and Sweet Rolls. Knock Em Down are tomorrow night’s opponents.
  • Sunday Niters: The Sunday Niters league had the week off for the Super Bowl, and The 3 Stooges will be bowling against Adam & Steve when the league resumes Sunday night.
  • Virtual league: Lane Rangers won four points from Big Guns 2.0, enabling us to increase our lead over them to six points, with Splits & Washouts seven points behind and Dream Team 10 points back. There were two honor scores submitted last week, a 300 game by Smooth Stroker (Splits & Washouts) and a 297 game by sk8shorty01 (Dream Team).

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