2016-17 Week 25 league standings update

Updating my leagues after Week 25 of the season, with my team’s result in the virtual league; Sunday Niters will be added later:

  • Brunswick Mixed: After winning a point from Eileen On Me, Lane Ducks are in a tie for 14th with Ebony & Ivories, and are now 10 points behind Eileen On Me, who are in the lead, with Creeden’s Mustangs and Has Beens three points behind the lead and four teams five behind. Artie’s Angels are tomorrow night’s opponents, with a position round coming next week.
  • Virtual league: Lane Rangers won five points from The Unbowlieveables, and are now six points ahead of Big Guns 2.0 and seven points ahead of Splits & Washouts. A member of Big Guns 2.0, Fin09, broke the league’s individual series record, going 300-299-238 for an 837. B Fury, who was one of my teammates when he set it, held the old record, 824, for nearly six years

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