Mar. 1 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 26 bowling, frame-by-frame (Linked to BowlSK sheet)

I was thinking “here we go again” after two games, but it was a better night than Sunday night, because the potential triplicate was 169. The double 9th & 10th in the third game, however, made sure I actually improved in the third game.

Result: 169-169-177=515
Average (75 games): 173
Average for last 9 games: 180
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 556

Composite average (138 games): 174

Team won four forfeit points, with Si having a strong night.

Wanting to do more for the association board, and noting that announcements weren’t really being made about our events on Wednesday night, I made my debut on the Westgate PA system tonight with an announcement about Sunday’s BBA Madness tournament. I wasn’t sure how I’d sound, but the feedback I got from the bowlers was encouraging, so I’ll likely be making the announcements for the association on Wednesday nights going forward.