2017 Brockton city tournament official results

The Brockton Bowling Association has made the results of this year’s city tournament, held on Jan. 28 & 29 at Westgate Lanes, official, with the final prize list available here. The event champions are listed below:


Team: USA Pro Shop 3,022
Doubles: Darren Beveridge & Dennis Scollins 1,642
Singles: Chris Silva 885
All-Events: Chris Silva 2,385


Team: MOPs & 1 Warrior 2,775
Doubles: Rob Young & Tom Hedding 1,544
Singles: Matt Yandek 795
All-Events: Ryan Yelle 2,248

And acknowledging the team champions as individuals:

USA Pro Shop: AJ Voisine, Chris Silveri, Gino Beniamino, Kevin Thibeault
MOPs & 1 Warrior: Sean Richard, Brian Gaskill, Tony Bennett, Steve Dale Jr.

The association would like to thank everyone who participated, and congratulate the cashers, who will be invited to the Bowler of the Year tournament in the fall.

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