2016-17 Week 30 league standings update

Updating my leagues after Week 30 of the season (including, as always, the virtual league):

  • Brunswick Mixed: After winning four points from Minds in the Gutter (my post of Spare Us as last week’s opponents was in error), Lane Ducks are in 10th place, 12.5 points behind Eileen On Me, who are four ahead of Creeden’s Mustangs, six ahead of Sweet Rolls, and seven ahead of Livin’ on a Spare. Has Beens will be tomorrow night’s opponents. I was just a pin short of tying for the high handicap game of the week in the men’s “B” division (Michael Simmons was high with a 270 handicap game).
  • Sunday Niters: After winning six points from OSIMAS, The 3 Stooges are in 3rd place, 13 points behind Here For Beer, who lead We Found “B” by eight points, and Adam & Steve are in 4th, 14 points behind the lead. Avengers will be Sunday night’s opponents.
  • Virtual league: Lane Rangers won all seven from High Flush; with Splits & Washouts winning five, our lead over them increased by eight points, with The Unbowlieveables and Big Guns 2.0 tied for 3rd, 12 points behind.

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