2016-17 Westgate season recap

With all of the winter leagues having wrapped up, I now devote my annual post to the final high scores of the winter league season. As a refresher, average is based on a minimum of 72 games in the league, and youth bowlers are included with their gender, where applicable. I am doing something different with one category this time:


Average: 240.60; Tom Hedding (Thursday Night Patriots, 102 games)
Series: 837; Harry Thibeault, Tom Hedding (Thursday Night Patriots)
Game: 300; 65 total during season


Average: 194.69; Tasheka Douglas (Boston Rhythm & Bowling, 96 games)
Series: 711; Tasheka Douglas (Boston Rhythm & Bowling)
Game: 290; Debbie Major (His & Hers)

I don’t recall seeing as many 300 games during a league season as there were this season, so I didn’t want to attempt to list all of the bowlers who had one.

Congrats to all! 🙂

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