July 2017 NEBA notes

NEBA has posted the lane condition for the coming weekend’s singles event at Westgate Lanes below:

I don’t think it’s a secret that Junior generally likes a Coke shot for NEBA, and Great Wall of China was the shot for the last quarter of that league this season.

The other thing I wanted to mention here that I’ve already shared on Facebook is that Westgate is discounting NEBA’s lineage to $1/game for the event, which should mean about $900 additional in the prize fund, maybe more, depending on entries. Also, many of you know that NEBA’s been streaming match play live on their Facebook page, and I’ve been sharing the final matches on this blog’s own page when I’ve been able to, but I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to share it as the page on my phone, so it’s probably best you have notifications on for NEBA’s page. Also, they’ve recently been streaming the entire match play (with a featured pair), so you may wish to follow NEBA’s page for that.

It’s possible that I have a family obligation this coming Sunday, but I do hope to be there all day Sunday, and if my obligation does arise, I hope to be there for at least some of match play. The 6:00 squad Saturday should be a definite for me, however.

I hope to see everyone in the coming weekend. 🙂

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