Link to bowlersKrate added to sidebar

As posted about on The 11th Frame, a new company called bowlersKrate is testing the convenience of ordering bowling accessories (tape, tools, cleaners, towels, shirts, etc.) online by modeling itself after Birchbox (cosmetics) and Threadbeast (clothing) and offering monthly subscriptions, called Krates. Krates geared to the recreational/league and serious bowler are available in 3-month, 6-month, and one-year lengths. The items available to choose will depend on which Krate you’re subscribed to, and are shipped to your door at no additional cost. giftKrates, for the bowler in your life, are also available.

For those interested in this service, there is now a link to bowlersKrate in the sidebar under “Online Pro Shops”, which I thought was the best fit.


2 thoughts on “Link to bowlersKrate added to sidebar

  1. Hi, Rich. Another candlepin-convert-back question: Any thoughts on taping your thumb (e.g., with Storm Thunder tape) as opposed to taping the thumbhole? I had never heard of this until yesterday, when the guy on the next pair at Town Line — oddly enough, another converted candlepin bowler — struck up a conversation and showed me the tape. I tried some (taking the tape out of my thumbhole and using a piece of his Storm tape on my thumb instead), and liked it a lot. Do most tenpin bowlers do this now? I don’t remember it at all from when I bowled tenpins regularly (roughly 1995-2006).

    1. Hi again…some may put tape on their thumbs, but certainly not all. I’d say it’s a matter of personal preference.

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