Westgate Lanes sold to Patel family

As reported by the Enterprise, a sale of Westgate Lanes to Patel Westgate Realty was executed last Monday for a reported $3.3M. The Patel family owns several bowling centers in New York state, with their flagship location in Kingston.

Fran Kaiser has been appointed as Westgate’s new general manager, and, in a meeting I was able to sit in on, she stressed that league and tournament bowling will continue to be important to their business model, and they also hope to build up the junior program as part of that effort. One other thing related to this I can pass along is that the Patels hosted a PBA regional event at their Kingston location this summer, and they hope to bring one to Westgate in the future.

I’d like to formally welcome the Patels and Ms. Kaiser to Westgate Lanes, and I look forward to working with you.


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