2017-18 Week 1 league standings update

Updating the standings in my leagues after the first week:

  • Brunswick Mixed: Let’s Mix ‘Em Up took two points (four-point league) from Creeden’s Mustangs, and we sorted into 10th in the standings. Striking Gentlemen, Dawg Pound, Spare Change, and Knock ‘Em Down were the teams that won all four points in the first week. Let’s Mix ‘Em Up is scheduled to bowl against Stuck With Us tonight, but I will have to miss it, as I have to attend a wake.
  • Sunday Niters: After winning two points (eight-point league) from Here For Beer, The 3 Stooges sorted into 8th place by pinfall. OSIMAS, bowling against the vacant, was the only team that won all eight in the first week.  We bowl against the early leaders Sunday night.

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