Oct. 11 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 6 bowling, frame-by-frame

This season so far has been a tale of two leagues, because as well as I’ve been generally bowling Sunday night, it’s been a relative struggle on Wednesday night. Five splits not converted tonight (there was one that was) killed a lot of my score, and the bright spot I could take from it was that I made every single 10 pin I had to shoot at, with both of my single pin misses in the first game.

Result: 153-171-161=485
Average (15 games): 165
Average for last 9 games: 162
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 510

Composite average (30 games): 174

Team got good games from Thomas (first game) and Brian (third game), and the 10 pin I made filling the 10th frame second game turned out to be the difference in that game. End result was another four points.


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