Shawn Syde tosses 300 in Sunday Niters

My Week 9 bowling, frame-by-frame

I followed up my Wednesday night with a much better Sunday night (comparing it to my two recent Sunday nights). I only missed one makeable spare and no single pins, and put together turkeys early and late in the second game for my 220.

Result: 186-220-177=583
Average (27 games): 177
Average for last 9 games: 159
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 549

Composite average (51 games): 175

Winning the second game by 168 pins (thanks to Ed’s 224, also) must have made Shawn Syde, one of our opponents, mad, because he proceeded to close out the night with a 300 game, and, indeed, if Shawn had bowled a better second game, his 800 was out there with a 288 first game. The teams split 4-4.

Nice bowling, Shawn! 🙂