Dec. 17 Sunday Niters recap

My Week 15 bowling, frame-by-frame

After a tournament day that didn’t go according to plan, I was eager to take my frustration out on the pins, and did it to the tune of my second high series of the season, the high of which also came in this league. I didn’t get off to a good start in the third game, or this might have been better, and you can also point to my single-pin misses as another reason.

Result: 215-243-194=652
Average (45 games): 181
Average for last 9 games: 202
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 589

Composite average (87 games): 181

I carried my team the first two games, and Peter and Ed shot 246 and 200 respectively to help us take the third game by over 100 pins. It was the end of the first half, so we’ll see where we finished.


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