2017-18 mid-season round-up

With New Year’s being the unofficial halfway point of the bowling season, I devote my usual post to the high averages, series, and games in Westgate’s leagues, based on the currently-available standing sheets. Averages are based on a minimum of 36 games, and youth bowlers are included with their gender, where applicable.


Average: 239.3; Jim Ferguson (Thursday Night Patriots, 45 games)
Series: 826; Sean Richard (Westgate Mixed)
Game: 300; Ryan Yelle, Sean Richard, Peter Cappola (Westgate Mixed), Keith Kaestner, Tom Hedding, Brian Egan, Jim Ferguson, Paris Cook, Sean Richard, Stephen Major (Thursday Night Patriots), Mike Henrikson, Kevin Coleman (TNBA), Shawn Syde (Sunday Niters), Paris Cook (Boston Rhythm & Bowling), Danny Khuu (Pepsi-Cola Classic), Wu-Zen Cheah (Firefighters)


Average: 195.0; Chris Major (His & Hers, 45 games)
Series: 697; Sandi Litchfield (Thursday Night Patriots)
Game: 268; Laura Beaudet (Brunswick Mixed)


  • With the 300 games for the men, the list is only indicative of the bowlers and leagues, not the number thrown by the bowler.
  • Readers interested in a particular league can find individual standing sheets on Bowler Express or LeagueSecretary.com (where the BBIS league’s sheet may be found).

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