Mar. 28 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 29 bowling, frame-by-frame

I definitely felt better out there tonight, particularly in the first game, with my full sister, who’d never seen me as a real bowler, on hand for moral support. I maybe should have been over average tonight, but a bad third game, in which I wasn’t making spares, cost me that.

Result: 221-179-135=535
Average (81 games): 180
Average for last 9 games: 170
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 576

Composite average (150 games): 181

Kathy made a lineup change in the week I missed, with Tom and Si swapping spots, and the change seemed to help everyone, as I was the only one under average tonight. I do need to make special mention of Tom, who had 289-205-254 for a 748, with the game and series both personal highs.

As for the points, we crushed the first game (1,186 with handicap), but lost the other two by a total of just 34 pins for a 2-2 split. Series was 3,239 with handicap, and I don’t remember any of my teams with that high a total for one night.


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