2017-18 Week 31 league standings update

My standings update, after Week 31:

  • Brunswick Mixed: After splitting 2-2 with Striking Gentlemen, Let’s Mix Em Up is in a tie for 7th place with Dawg Pound and Gutt Er Done, nine points behind Creeden’s Mustangs, who lead Sweet Rolls by 1.5 points, Minds in the Gutter (tomorrow night’s opponents) by three points, and Last Empire by four points. Tom had high scratch and handicap game last week in men’s “C”, and Si swept the high scores in men’s “D”.
  • Sunday Niters: After failing to win points against Broads With Balls, The Three Stooges are in 6th place, 21 points behind Broads With Balls, who lead Ten Is Enough (Sunday night’s opponents) by eight points, Suzy’s Crew by 15 points, and We Don’t Give a Split by 16 points. Note: The league didn’t vote a prize for a league champion, so there will only be payouts by half-season and no roll-off.