Sept. 5 Brunswick Mixed recap (start of 2018-19 season)

First off, I’ve decided to cut back to just my Wednesday league, as I didn’t know if bracket commissions would be able to cover both leagues this season. Second, I have a fractured team, with Kathy having cataract surgery and Thomas deciding not to return. Joining me and Si is Steve Sommers, who, because of gait problems, just stands and throws, but he does seem to understand ball motion. Expecting Kathy to return later in the season, we kept the team name the same.

My Week 1 bowling, frame-by-frame

I want to attribute this to summer rust, but my second game was better because of my spare game, and my double in the third game capitalized on a Brooklyn strike.

Result: 124-171-157=452
Average (3 games): 150
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 454

Si was steady, and Steve put together a four-bagger third game to help us. We won’t know about points until the first standings update.

Of course, the links in the sidebar section about my bowling now reflect the new season, but the spreadsheet log won’t be fully set up until I know my league’s end pairs.


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