Dec. 19 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 16 bowling, frame-by-frame

Pleased with the score at the end, but each game had a different character, grinding out the spares in the first, the four-bagger in the second, and the strike-or-split nature of the third. The whole still raised my average.

Result: 189-191-176=556
Average (48 games): 169
Average for last 9 games: 179
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 537

Composite average (54 games): 172

Team won first & third games and total for 3 points. Third game was thanks to Si’s 203.

A couple of asides:

  • I ended up chopping my division’s Christmas Bowl money with Steve Geddes because we were the same number over average (75) last week. Si won in his division.
  • The new scoring system is able to produce desk printouts that show the spare leaves, so I’ll be relying less on my own notes.

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