Dec. 26 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 17 bowling, frame-by-frame

Really, the only things I wanted back from last night were the five splits I left, including the 4-5-7 three times. The ball change after the first two was good, but I probably could’ve just kept the Tropical Breeze and moved, too.

Result: 199-157-189=545
Average (51 games): 170
Average for last 9 games: 186
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 556

Composite average (57 games): 173

Si had a strong 576 night, and team won second and third games and total after losing the first by under 30 pins.

For an aside, it was kind of “reunion night” last night, with not only Junior & Marcia, the former owners, paying a visit, but also Mike & Liz DiBenedetto, who were on the Coles’ team the first few years I was in the league. Nice seeing everyone! 🙂


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