“Roll” reversal

I’ve been having second thoughts about my Alpha Crux, which was originally a pin-down layout for an early roll. However, I roll a slower ball, so the early ball was not optimal. I had Kevin redrill the ball pin-up, with the thought that the surface will make it go harder off the spot.

My axis (PAP) has changed a lot since I learned a modern release, and is now 5.25″ over, 1.125″ up. The resulting layout is 75° X 4.5″ X 30° (if you want the older notation, 4.5″ X 6″ X 2″). The weight hole is also gone, as I wanted the ball to still be legal when weight holes become illegal in the 2020-21 season.

Trying out the ball today (thanks for the oil, Bobby), the ball does indeed go longer, but I wasn’t getting the back-end move I was hoping for, so Stephen took the ball surface up to 4000 Abralon. I found I was carrying a couple more mixer strikes, and my last shot on 57 was dead flush and carried all ten. I’ll need more practice, but the change looks promising.


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