My return (I hope)

I promised a post in the fall that I thought then that I wasn’t ready to make, but it’s a good time for it now.

As the Westgate bowlers know, and some of the other bowlers in New England also know, I’ve been dealing with a tremor in my right hand that is likely a long-term side effect of some of the medication I’ve been taking. I’d been bowling through it last season, and, indeed, into the video recording session that I had last Memorial Day weekend. It also had been affecting my typing, making long posts time-consuming. With this and some other issues on my mind, I decided not to start the fall bowling season in order to address my health. I was still around fulfilling my media role, of course, just not bowling myself.

With different medication, I’ve improved to the point where I can touch-type again, and I am now seeing a specialist in Boston, who has put me on another medication. After consulting with my brother, I’ve decided to at least give it a go for the second half of the season starting this coming Wednesday night, and I’ll be joining Team 6 in the Brunswick Mixed league, one of the members of whom is Ed Godino Jr., my old Sunday night teammate. I may miss some Wednesday nights because of other things I’ll be involved with, but I intend to finish out the season.

Looking forward to shoeing up again, and wish me well. 🙂


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