Feb. 19 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 23 bowling, frame-by-frame

I ground out an over-average first game, in which I didn’t strike until the 10th frame double, but I wasn’t able to keep that up the rest of the night. The 10 pin I made in the first game was dead-on perfect, but I wasn’t able to repeat that the other three times I had that pin. The time I lined up on the 10 at the end, I had the 3 standing with it, and then chopped the 3-6 twice bookending a double. I’ll probably have a few of these nights the rest of the season, but I’m counting this as semi-competitive practice for next season, anyway.

Result: 172-126-148=446
Average (15 games): 159
9-game moving average: 159
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 492

We lost the first game by 20 and didn’t get any closer the rest of the night, so we won no points.


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