Bowling with the Baslers

I’d been looking for a spot to break out of my own bowling hiatus, and some dear friends and supporters who bowl in Kingston, the Baslers, provided the excuse when they told me they were about to move to Florida. A few planned meet-ups got postponed, but we finally did get together today. The Baslers, Larry & Shannon, with their son, Sean, had a little bit of an edge in having bowled since bowling reopened in the region. We worked it so that I would bowl one game as a doubles team with each of them, starting with Sean, then Shannon, and, finally, Larry.

It was clear during the first game that I hadn’t forgotten how to bowl, merely forgotten how to carry all ten pins. I missed a couple of single pins, but I’d be proud to say none of them were the 10, which I was actually leaving more of. The 153 that I ended with was a game I’d take basically going into it cold (we were graciously given the league standard 10 minutes of practice).

The first game was bowled with my Tropical Breeze, but I thought to dig out my Alpha Crux from my locker with the thought that I could carry with that ball, and was rewarded with five in a row starting with the 2nd frame on the way to a 219, which was better than any game that I had in my shortened league season. It still didn’t matter, because Larry also had a good enough game to not make my 10th frame matter.

Larry & I ganged up on Shannon & Sean in the last game, but I did lose the pocket at the end. However, my 165 was still better than my league average, and my 537 series was better than all but one of the eight series I bowled in my league. The adult Baslers, to their credit, bowled well, with Shannon having her only “clunker”, unfortunately, bowling in the second game with me.

It was a fun day, with the four of us posing for the photo below to mark the occasion:

Best wishes in Florida, guys! 🎳😎


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