Westgate league social distancing

I stated in an earlier post that Westgate Lanes would be able to use every lane in the facility. If you’ve been in the bowling facility, you’ll know that a lot of this is because the tables at each pair (except for the lanes near the desk) are offset, with the table at the left lane closer to the ball return than the right one, keeping them at least 6′ from each other.

AC and Yogi did reveal the rest of their plan to accomplish social distancing for the leagues last night at the league officers meeting, the main point being that bowling will be done PBA style. This means the team on the left lane will bowl their entire first frame, then the team on the right lane will bowl their first two frames, one on each lane, with each team bowling two frames thereafter until the team that started bowls their 10th frame on the right lane. The other major point is that there will be temperature checks, random for now, done with one of the no-touch scanning thermometers everyone’s used to seeing by now.

Bowlers with questions may ask their league officers when their leagues meet in the coming days.


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