My 2020-21 season preview

My 2020-21 bowling season is going to be more different, and a lot busier, than any of my previous ones. I’ll start with my own bowling, which has changed quite a bit in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic:

With many bowlers taking at least a year off, Wednesday night will have just the Brunswick Mixed league, and that will be a four-man league. I am on a team currently with Jane Waters, a holdover from Warren Young’s team last year, and Donna Dalia, who is new to the league after being away from bowling for many years. My team actually forfeited last week, with yours truly having to sit out in order to attend the Pepsi league’s meeting (more on that later). Some of the Westgate Mixed bowlers joined my league for this season, so it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

Last night’s bowling, frame-by-frame

Last night was a solid set by last season’s standards. The first thing a regular reader of my personal posts might note is that this league is now down the high end of the house, as it has never been on Lanes 49-50 in the time I’ve been in it. A study of the BowlSK sheet should also produce the observation that the progress I’ve made on my single-pin spares held over, as I missed only one. There was a rough stretch of three open frames to end the second game, but, other than that, I made few mistakes.

Result: 180-156-183=519
Average (3 games): 173
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 525

The team ended up winning three points against Shawn’s team. Shawn thought last night’s pair was a tough one, so going over last year’s average on that pair was a good start, I thought.

All of my “Author’s links” stuff about my league bowling has been reset for the new season. Keep in mind, however, that I’m going to try to do as much as possible either at the lanes or ahead of time at home (often meaning copying formulas over on my spreadsheet log at home before entering scores in it on my phone at the lanes).

After a season of less involvement in other leagues, I’ll be busier than ever in them, even if not necessarily bowling in them. For starters, I was given the opportunity to run brackets for the Patriots league. I no longer have access to my trusted Perfect Brackets application (Windows Defender saw a driver file I needed for the hardware key as a threat.), but I was able to upgrade to the new T-Brac at a reduced price (I’d had the old version). The new version fixed the bug I had with the old version concerning the insertion of byes in brackets when I had “No byes” set. It also makes it easier for me to load bowler information from, so it’s been worth the investment already.

The final piece of my season’s puzzle fell into place last week at the Pepsi league’s meeting. Gerry LaTremouille is taking the season off from his leagues (but not from being the USBC association manager at Westgate). Seeing an opportunity, as Gerry was the Pepsi league’s secretary, I ran for, and was elected, league secretary, and Monday night was my first night. I had to purchase and download a copy of BLS, which I thought a bit of an adjustment from the Perfect Secretary I used to run the BowlingCommunity online league many years ago, but I’m quickly picking up how to do things in BLS (Don’t I always? 😎). Donna in the Westgate office will still be doing the league uploads to, but I will be posting them in the center, and I present here my first real standing sheet as a certified league officer:

I probably will cover the Pepsi league as I always have, but feel free to follow on


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