A fresh start (includes 2020-21 Brunswick Mixed Week 9 standings update)

I’d mentioned previously that I’d be filling a vacancy on another team in my league after Donna had to withdraw from the league, and that the team is one of the longer standing teams in the league. That team is Creeden’s Mustangs, which have been in the league in some form at least since I’ve been in it (and longer, in fact). The team is currently comprised of (in lineup order) Lisa Davis, Randi Sullivan, and Kevin Stiger, the latter whom I’ve mentioned here occasionally for scores.

A long-standing tradition with this team is that all of the members of the team change their names on the scorer before bowling to something like a nickname (you have to kind of think like the tradition at Bayside Bowl in Portland, ME for this). Lisa is typically “Newbie,” Randi is “Mo,” and Kevin is “Bud.” Where one of my newer projects has to do with a Star Wars space combat simulation game (and really a classic series of such games before the one that just launched that I was involved with before I returned to bowling, as well), I’ve chosen to take on “Ace” as my Mustangs name. Hopefully, the vibe carries into my bowling as well as the new project.

Currently, Creeden’s Mustangs stands tied for 8th with Spare Us, 10.5 points behind Last Empire, who lead 10th Frame Magic (Creeden’s Mustangs’ opponents tonight) and Sweet Rolls by a half-point and 4 On 9 Man by a point and a half.


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