Westgate Lanes closed at least three weeks due to Brockton COVID rollback

Per the post above, Westgate Lanes, due to the reopening rollback issued by executive order of Brockton mayor Robert Sullivan, will be closed for three weeks from this past Wednesday (Dec. 16) for bowling, arcade, and billiards. They will, however, be allowed to remain open for dining, but with no bar seating. Please, if you can, stop in once in a while and enjoy dinner, and even do take-out dining, if you’re able to (I think Yogi & Tim will let you do that.).

In a separate post by the Brockton Strike F/X that I shared on the Facebook page, they have reported that Westgate has allowed them to remain open while Westgate is closed for bowling, and I have pinned the share of that post to the top of my page as a reminder to do your holiday shopping for the bowlers there if you can. Happy Holidays! 🎳🎄🎅


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