2020-21 Brunswick Mixed Week standings update

Interactive league standings after Week 14

Creeden’s Mustangs are in 9th place, 15.5 points behind Last Empire, who are a half-point ahead of 10th Frame Magic, a point-and-a-half ahead of 4 On 9 Man, and 7.5 points ahead of Sweet Rolls. My team is scheduled to bowl against Motley Crew tonight, but where this is the last week before the last position round of the half, I’ll give the leaders’ schedules, as well: Last Empire vs. Spare Us, 10th Frame Magic vs. Move To Strike, 4 On 9 Man vs. BBOB, and Sweet Rolls vs. Maggie’s Warriors.

Kevin did have the overall high game (267) and series (710) in the league last week. 😁👍


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