NEBA to return to Westgate for Brockton Bicentennial Open Nov. 6-7

2021 NEBA Kick-off Broadcast as presented by NEBA President Chris Viale

This is a long video. However, as Chris Viale stated in it Thursday, NEBA will return to Westgate Lanes on the weekend of Nov. 6 & 7 for the Brockton Bicentennial Open. After Westgate wasn’t scheduled to host an event in 2020, it was my thought to try bring NEBA back for one of the Brockton bicentennial years (I’ll address it in an addendum note below.). The pandemic brought an element of uncertainty, but our proposal came together late in NEBA’s scheduling process and we are happy to have been added.

We’d originally hoped for a July date that would lead into our Hall of Fame Weekend and Mid-Summer Celebration, but the November weekend we are scheduled for also works for us, as it leads into Veterans Day, which is also important to our Bicentennial Committee. For more information about our plans for the weekend, you may follow the Downtown Brockton Museum page on Facebook, but I will also try to share any pertinent details on this website’s page, as Bill Hogan, the museum’s president, tends to like to use groups on Facebook for everything more than pages.

We look forward to having the best in my sport in New England return to my hometown this fall.

Addendum note: The City of Brockton’s official seal notes that it became “A Town” in 1821, and Brockton was then known as North Bridgewater. The Downtown Brockton Museum’s reasoning behind having a bicentennial celebration now is that many people alive now will not be alive in 2081, which will be when the bicentennial of the city’s incorporation will be celebrated, and so may not get a chance to experience a celebration of this scope.


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